Saturday, February 11, 2017

The price of ransom

How do you put a price tag on freedom and redemption? My son sits in an Eastern European orphanage without a family. Everyday he wakes up and is surrounded by other orphans, all lacking the one thing that many take for granted. He is cared for by "nannies" who meet his basic physical need; but never touch the surface of what he needs emotionally. Each nanny is assigned six children. My son is another diaper to change and mouth to feed to these women employed to care for him. His orphanage reminds me of a daycare. It is not a home.

My son does not know that on the other side of the world a mother loves him. He has a mother who has worked tirelessly to ransom him. Failed fundraising crafts, failed pleas for donations, failed paperwork filing... many failures. BUT, I will not give up! With each dollar I am able to scrape together, comes a hope of the tiny step forward. God told me that this little boy is my son and He will provide. I am keeping myself open to hearing from Him on "next steps" and how to move forward in acquiring the $30,000 ransom for my son.... until then I will keep trying each fundraiser I can get my hands on!

Thank you for the prayers

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